Anitype [*]

Anitype [*]

The asterisk [*] — a star. It’s all-powerful, yet noncommittal (why should any one letter deserve my attention? You have to be special to earn that). I like stars, space, vectors, and the interplay between Sine and Cosine, so I made the formation of a galaxy.

Looks like Anitype is no longer. So this one is lost to time; it's not even on the wayback machine.

I rarely use sketchbooks (I find them simultaneously too constraining, too unconstrained, to fast, and too slow), but I do like diagrams.

I unfortunately could not get the stars to spin the way I wanted (Two.js doesn’t have complete vector implementation), but what I ended up with serendipitously gave me something that feels more full and three-dimensional than what I was trying to achieve.

Inspiration and the discovery that Two.js has an Underscore.js dependency go to Max Hawkins, Shan Huang, and Justin Windle. Overall, my favorite characters might be Max Hawkin’s "H" or Sebastian Tissot’s "A"